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Sixteen years in the making

Ever since I became freelance the prospect of a Karen Perry website loomed (well, it was a Karen Raison site in the beginning) I always hoped to find time to do a web design course and make my own, thus promoting myself and acquiring a new skill and clients in the process. However, life doesn't always work out as you planned it, and the need to dedicate a site to my design work rose and fell as work came my way through word of mouth, and time became more allocated more to children and family. With my first baby now making his way to Secondary School under his own steam, and his baby sister not far behind, there is again talk among those who know me to 'spread the word' of my skills. I believe I have always 'worked to my strengths' and therefore the web design course never came around, and now with sites such as this, Wix, there seems no need. With a bit of time spent resizing and saving images of my projects I feel I have accomplished just what I need.

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